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Specialties: No waiting in line, we do Immediate Auto Registrations; Out of State Transfers, Vehicle Verification so you don't have to go to CHP. We do Immediate registration for Salvage Certificates and Lien Sales. We specialize in Leasing Companies in or out of California. Companies with Fleet Vehicles and Owners of leased vehicles, Motor Pool that have MCO (Manufacture Certificate of Origin) and MSO (Manufactures' Statement of Origin) for DMV, Motor Carrier Permits now available. ABA has been a licensed DMV service company since 2000. We provide DMV Registration, Renewal, Title Transfer, and Violation Resolution Services to private individuals and companies throughout the state. We understand the frustrating process of navigating California's DMV. Our goal is to speed up the process and save you time by allowing you to manage your services remotely. Established in 2010. One day I went to get my registration papers at the state office building of the DMV, the line went around as far as the eye could see. I waited for 2 hours only to be disappointed because I was missing a signature and some papers, I was sent away to return another day. It was here I decided that I would learn all I could so I would help others and assist them in any way I could to obtain their automobile documentation. And thus was born ABA, which meant Auto Bail Agency. A Bail agency because while our registration papers linger in the state hands they are prisoners until we bail them out.


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