Frubites Bitter Gourd snacks- Natural, Preservative-free, Gluten Free, Vegan-friendly spiced Bitter-Gourd snacks. Best on-the-go snacks, and salad toppings. Non-GMO, tasty, and healthy spiced veggie snacks. - 4.2 Oz (4 Packs of 30g each)



A WHOLESOME AND DELICIOUS BITTER GOURD SNACK - Frubites Bitter Gourd Snacks are made from hand-picked Bitter Gourds sourced directly from the farm. They are free of all preservatives. It is a vegan, gluten-free snack. A bag of Bitter Gourd bites has a good load of 16.18mg of Vitamin C, 223mg of Vitamin A, and 58% of Iron of the DV. They are vacuum cooked in rice bran oil and seasoned with distinctive Indian spices which makes them so appetizing. AN ULTIMATE KITCHEN MUST-HAVE! - The Bitter Gourd bites are the best topping for your salad bowl. They are perfect to use to create and enjoy unique dishes. PERFECT LUNCH BOX SNACK - Trusted by parents and craved by children, the Bitter Gourd bites indeed pass the test for being a perfect fit for snack time. A PERFECT HEALTHY GOURMET SNACK - Snacking isn’t bad after all. The vacuum cooking process transforms the Bitter Gourds into a crunchy delicious snack. A veggie snack perfect for everyone, suitable for munching at any time and for any mood. With Frubites, snacking is healthy!


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